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About Us

James Gerard Foods, founded in 1989, is a gourmet food processor, handcrafting appetizers, entrées and canapés. We specialize in Custom Culinary Outsourcing, creating products to your specifications.
Our Products and Services:

Gourmet Appetizers and Entrées;

We craft hundreds of reception appetizers and entrées. From a Mexican Fiesta to a Sake Bash we have something to serve at every event.  

Fresh Canapés and Sushi 

Creative canapés and bruschetta, along with traditional sushi, prepared daily, seven days a week. Our customers are able to rely on us for unique, freshly made products even through the busiest of seasons without missing a beat. 

Restaurant and Proprietary Products 

Partnering with regional restauranteurs to offer the creatively original, and distinctively unique items that set your establishments apart. We pool our culinary resources to work with your specifications for product development and creation of proprietary recipes. We prepare your items with maximized efficiencies using the highest quality standards and sanitation control with USDA oversight. It's a cost-effective approach for growing businesses.

Coming Soon; Culinary Elements

"IT'S ALL ABOUT THE FOOD" An "Upgraded" perspective for demanding operations. These aren't your grandmas Swedish meatballs! Shrimp and Avocado Spring Rolls, Salmon Ceviche Cakes, Smore's Sopapillas and so much more. All a little different and all totally yum.



Chili-Lime Chicken Kabobs feature a bright citrus marinade with Spicy Poblano Chilies, ground chipotle and a hint of cilantro.

Below is a selection of some of our more popular canapes. Double Click to enlarge and start slide-show.
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