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Our New Home

Welcome and Join Us.......

After over two years of hard work, lots of waiting and a bit of swearing too, we are finally in our new home and we are loving it!  Walk-in coolers and freezers, a full hot line, refrigerated processing rooms, a pan washing machine, loading docks, offices that actually have doors and even a proper break room...it is all here. 

I realize that we could not have gotten to this point without our incredibly supportive and loyal customers.
We built this for us to work and play in but with your needs in mind.

James Gerard Foods has been serving Phoenix Chefs and Resorts for twenty years. We have grown to almost 50 full-time employees who prepare nearly 250,000 pieces each month. We currently have distribution in Arizona, Washington and along the east coast in Boston, New York and Washington D.C. Our new facility will enable us to continue our growth and we have many exciting projects on the burner right now.

I look forward to giving any of our customers a personal tour of our plant. Just call and let me know when you are able to visit.

Thank you for making this possible, and I hope to see you here!

Sid Brodsky,
And The Culinary Team at James Gerard Foods




James Gerard Foods
3310 East Corona Avenue
Phoenix, Arizona 85040
(602) 243-3700 tele // (602) 243-3701 fax


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